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Report - Old Lane Mill, Halifax, 03/2012


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Nice explore with bromaz, no fires this time, last time we had to run back to the motor and ring the fire brigade, prompting me getting calls in lectures from the fire brigade asking why we were there and if we had pictures of the fire...yay.

Lovely mill with lots of colour and cogs and stuff, and curved ceilings and stuff! exciting....

Old Lane Mill, Halifax​

Aka Rawson's Mill, Old Lane Dye Works, and Bowling Dyke Mill.
Stood between Old Lane and the railway line.
A steam-powered worsted mill was built by James Akroyd in 1825. This was one of the largest mills in the district. The mill was said to be fire-proof.
In 1827, Akroyd built the first Jacquard looms in Britain, and the mill was iron-framed and fitted with stone floors – the first in any British mill – to support the machinery.
The offices of the Woodside Penny Savings Bank were originally here.
The night watchman fired a blunderbuss each night to signal that he was on duty.

Owners and tenants of the works have included
Jonathan Akroyd [1816]
Akroyd, Garlick & Company [1818]
Jeremiah Rawson [1836]
Milford Barrett [1839]
William Henry Rawson [1870]
William H. Rawson & Company [1861, 1874]
Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons [1890] – with one or two exceptions, this was the largest dye works in England
Old Lane Dyeworks Company Limited [1905]
Davis, Gordon & Company [1905]
Allen North & Company [1905]

It was damaged by fire on 21st January 1905.

The mill later formed a part of the Dean Clough complex.











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