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Report - - Ombersley ROC Post - Worcestershire Group - 16.08.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Ombersley ROC Post - Worcestershire Group - 16.08.07

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Pure bellend
28DL Full Member
Visited a while back with a non-exploring friend as we were passing. (Just Found the Pic)

Found it to be locked securely with two shiny new padlocks.

Subbrit Visit Here


turk ;)

Dr Zoidberg

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I went past this one today while out on my bike so I thought I'd stop and have a nose.

As you say , it's securely locked which on one hand is a shame , but on the other it could be to preserve the contents as reported on the Sub-brit visit which is good.

I also spotted this concrete slab just outside the enclosure.
Would this have been anything to do with it , or just a coincidence?