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Report - One St. Peter's Square (Crane), Manchester - Jan 2013


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Climbed with Tweek, Sho and Madhat.

Various efforts and attempts have been made at St. Peter's over the previous months. We've had a bash at the building's core (which is fully pov) where we have climbed up scaffolding staircases to nothing, used ladders to get up empty lift shafts, and ultimately got nowhere. The two cranes that stand on site have always looked tight. When construction was in full swing, there was work going on round the clock, making them impossible. Even if there was no one present you'd be faced with locked hatches and cages and anti-climb skirts. So not too easy then.

Time rolls on. The cranes have got taller and the rate of construction has slowed, to the point that at night the site is occupied only by a security guard who sits in his cabin on the corner of the site, between the two cranes. The mission now seems more plausible. New years eve comes around and two fellow troublemakers, Fishbrain and Userscott, crack the taller of the two cranes. This of course prompts the rest of us to get in gear and get it done. So one night we met up in town for a beer or two. We discussed various plans to get onto the crane. I'm going to explain one of the methods we talked about as it's quite ridiculous and not achievable anyway due to the structure of the core up top. We planned to abseil off of the roof of the core, and land on the crane's stabiliser strut which connects to the building, then shimmy along it and onto the crane - above the hatch. We decided against this, and went for the more traditional approach of climbing a crane - to start from the bottom and use the ladders.


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One St. Peter’s Square provides 268,000 sq ft of BREEAM ‘Excellent’, Grade ‘A’ office space in the centre of Manchester and the heart of the central business district. Having pre-let 63,000 sq ft to KPMG, this important new building, along with Manchester City Council’s £185 million transformation and redevelopment of the Square, Library Walk, Central Library and The Town Hall extension, demonstrates the scale of the city’s ambition to transform its civic heart.










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