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Report - Oriental City Shopping Centre, Collindale, North London - October 2013


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So this had been on my radar for a while, I even visited here in January 2005 with my parents and some friends to buy some Chinese ingredients for a special meal that was being cooked for an occasion of which I can't remember.

At 14 years old this place was really interesting, lots of interesting food and foreign ingredients. I remember getting a plate and having a little bit of everything from about 4 stalls, the food stalls were round in a square shape and the communal seating in the middle. They had all sorts, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Korean etc.

I remember seeing it reported on way back in 2011, but put it off due to rumours of heavy handed security (baseball bats and dogs).

Me and Northern_Ninja visited early this year and couldn't even get into the site. We returned for another go and saw a small gap.

It was a good day out and sort of cheered me up slightly following a personal grievance.

The complex served a large Community in North London and people would travel a long way to browse its two stories of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and supermarkets.

It was originally a Yaohan Shopping Centre; but changed its name when the Yahoan Corp went bust in the 90s.

There was a durian stall, a satay stall, a Karaoke bar called the "China City Karaoke Bar", Dim Sum restaurants and a Szechuan restaurant to name a few. The centre also included tableware and clothes shops.

It had featured on the TV series "Luther" and on the movie Dredd, where the interior was modified to look more trashed sadly. It has also fallen victim to vandals.

Onto the pics. Unfortunately I forgot the externals!














Thanks as always

More at:

Oriental/China City - a set on Flickr

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