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Report - - Otterham ROC Post Cornwall Group Visit 07/04/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Otterham ROC Post Cornwall Group Visit 07/04/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Whilst on a recent trip to North Cornwall I dropped in on a few ROC posts and other related sites. This post was relatively easy to find. Situated between 2burial Tumuli and the radio masts just outside Otterham Station, west side of the A39. The surface structures are in a remarkably good condition with the concrete intact on the vents and entrance shaft. Because of the posts exposed position the wind has blasted the green paint completely away. The unique features of this post are the Fallout vents over the airshafts. The hatch cover is open, however seriously corroded and does not shut properly as a result. The interior is in a good condition and I was very surprised at how dry and warm it was down in the post. There was only a few inches of water in the sump which was below grill level.
I will let the pictures do the talking:thumb


Otterham ROC Post with neatly tended grass courtesy of local sheep. This post is unique because of fallout ventilation covers on airvents.


Interior of the post was very dry and warm with a lovely Axminster carpet:thumb


Spares box for the post! Most of the items listed on the box were still inside:)
The yellow paperwork refers to Diplomatic Security number plates and how to recognise them. What its doing here is anyone's guess:crazy


Rusting BPI baffle plate rests alongside Post utilities.


Unexploded Maroon sign located at bottom of entrance shaft.


With only sheep for company Otterham ROC basks in a setting sun:)

I have other pictures if anyone needs anymore. All in a lovely dry post situated in an exposed and slightly desolate location but very dry and fantastic views.:thumb

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