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Report - Oundle ROC Post - October 2011


Nosey Fcuker
28DL Full Member
I don't think this post has been covered before so here goes with my first report.

Oundle came under Number 7 Group Bedford and is an unusual post as according to Subbrit it had a very brief life opening in December 1964 and was closed in October 1968.

I did discover that the nearby THOR missile site at RAF Polebrook closed in August 1963 and I did wonder if there was some connection between that and the date of the post's opening.

As with almost all 1968 closures it is in a rough state these days.
The hatch is barely hanging on and the air vent is down to the bare metal rods. Not to mention the undermining of the brickwork by rabbits.

Inside it is flooded to a depth of about 4 feet and this along with a pile of submerged rubble at the foot of the shaft made using a tripod impossible.
I had to resort to flash and hanging from the ladder by one hand in order to get the downstairs pictures.

Here are the six best pics from the visit.







Thanks for looking.

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