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Report - - Oxcroft Coal Disposal Site - 09.09.07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Oxcroft Coal Disposal Site - 09.09.07

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Very spur of the moment visit this, from Raddogs immense knowledge of the country, he somehow knew this was here...having never been here before...

Visited here this morning with Raddog & Dweeb.

No internal access to any of the buildings because the security are doing a good job (**** see note ****)

This place looks really cool inside from what we saw, but alas, everythings welded and locked up tight.


After our visit, we noticed security by his cabin, so I wandered over to ask if we could have a looksee inside some of the buildings, his reply was

"No, someone was found shooting here last week and I got fucked for it"

Now this, would have been a perfectly normal response, had the slightly overweight young man not have been completely arse naked, with what appeared to be a Pornographic magazine and roll of toilet tissue on his passenger seat...


I am scarred...

anywho, naked wanking security guards's the pics..








turk ;)


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28DL Full Member
Re: Oxcroft Coal Disposal Site - 09.09.07 - Report

found this info on the net: Stanfree.pdf

looks like they might be extracting coal from a small area of the site in a shallow dig for 10 weeks followed by 6 weeks of restoration.

whats the score with this place i.e what is a coal disposal site?? I pass it regularly off the M1, is it something to do with open cast?

Yes they process coal from open cast. Basically coal is moved in big chunks directly from the open cast site to these points where its broken up into almost a powder for the power stations. Coal Disposal points incorporate facilities for rapid loading of the ground down coal onto Lorries or Trains, so this is why you see all the covered conveyers. The buildings will either contain the grinding machinery or rapid loading hoppers that dump the coal into waiting lorries/trains for delivery to the power stations.

There is a very similar one in Widdrington Northumberland, serving the Pegswood open cast. Where ever there is open cast there'll be one of these not too far away!