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Report - Paddock WW2 Bunker - LONDON Sept 09


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Paddock was completed as a bomb proof war control centre in 1939 in direct response to the building threat from Germany. Construction was carried out in total secrecy and none of the locals asked any questions...if you did then they authorities would want to know why. Not even the King new. The spoil was carried away in the early hours using bakers vans, a common site that early in the morning in the late '30's, as a way to further conceal the construction ;-). Built at a costs of £50,000 it was then a state of the art nerve centre from which it WW2 could have been run. As events transpired, with the passing of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz as Hitler turned his attention to the destruction of Russia, it became largely redundant by 1943...

As can be seen from the wiring conduit pipe bending, construction was done to highest standard...


Fluorescent lighting DID exist in the late '30's (though the tubes probably aren't original)


In the sound proofed meeting room (Walls have Ears!) telegrams where handed through this hatch.


This tiny device, also in the sound proof room, was probably used to provide uni-directional (half-wave rectification) for an ancillary device, quite possibly for the florry lighting. The valve is an a AEI thermiomic valve, circa 1950's.


The decayed panels once would have been filled with sound proofing material.


A lot of the original equipment is still in place. Look at the date on this fire extinguisher, 1939.


In the generator room, used in the event of the complete loss of juice, I reckon this little gem just needs a little oil and she would start right up.


Details in the gene room...






Another little detail, an original fire blanket.


The bunker also had it's own small telephone exchange. This relay box would have connected the inbound loops to the sub-basement.


Finally, the BBC broadcast room, where Churchill would have addressed the nation, should the need have arisen.

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