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Report - Paris Catacombs 26th-28th Feb 2010


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Visited with OT, Dweeb, Raddog, Urban Junky, Naatje from Holland, Foantje, Defender and their Dutch Friend. This doesn't tell the full story because we met many other people along the way.

After the usual Carrefour, Gare du Nord and Carbide stops we enter on friday afternoon in the Porte d'Orleans area, a South-Eastern part of the GRS. First stop is off of the map to the Aqueduc de la Vanne in the far south. We stop to see the Passe Murreill (Man in the wall.) He is looking worse for wear and definitely in need of some new bandages!



Heading North after this, we are in for some walks through the water and lots of stooping, taking a break to visit Le cellier and La plage for some dinner and to have a look at the new art up there.


The new paintings were very good, but there was a shit load of rubbish left in La Plage from a party last weekend. Good to see the robot with its new arm though!


After these tourist favourites, we start to head out west towards Montparnasse cemetry, i.e. the ossuarys, the bones etc etc.. Just a quick stop for those of the group who havent seen it. A good chance for a cheap shot of the bones, and for Raddog to model some skullcaps for size. They even had veiny, nerve-ending, kind of things still on the inside of le skull. Nice!



After this, i think we headed over the Raspail Crossroad towards our stop for the night, Assas, which was a spacious, dry room in the North. I had a very good night sleep here, drifting off to the sounds of Air, and not waking to see the cataphiles who came in during the night.


The plan for saturday was to take a big loop out west which was tiring, but at a nice, steady pace, and we got to see some cool rooms along the way. The GYM room for a quick beer, then the Flag room for lunch. A tall, arched chamber which once had two tricolores hung from its wall, and which still had a very nice enamel plaque and a metal sign bearing the french flag, which had been brilliantly restored 8 months before by Monsieur Dweeb. It was nice to see it still there

Flag Room

I had a pounding headache by this point, taking the time to stop at Montparnasse shelter and dusty bitch of a crawl southwards after.


A short while later we reached a very nice little room, where i slept for an hour to clear the head, waking up feeling fresh as a daisy. I cannot remember the name of the room, but definitely a favourite of the weekend. By now it is saturday evening and a quick stop at some more tourist haunts, German Bunker, Pharmacy Shelter, Carthusian Monks Fountain and Anschluss. Some very ornate rooms and some time spent trying various Acrobatics on the Anschluss Ladder, and seeing who could get through the smallest hole :gay





At Anschluss we bump into Cat bones, Dystopia and Marc , and they follow for the rest of the trip. We head towards Paleo for the Satuday night. Its a nice dry gallery, which has a real quarry feel to it, off the beaten track, very low and walls stacked with deads. I slept here the last time i visited in April. I missed the party last time and sleep for 12 hours. I wouldnt miss it this time and instead would drink for 12 hours.

Chin Chin!

Laughs were had, much alcohol drank to the point where all the desperados and port was gone, Raddog proceeded to eat a jar of jam with nothing more than a tealight, Naatje emptied much port and vodka everywhere and Marc deserted us. The party was over, no more alcohol, Bed time. That was until the point i hear "yippy ki yay motherfuckers!" and who should bundle round the corner but only our french friends with more and more alcohol, smokes and music and some very good company. Fair to say everyone was past wasted at the end of the night, eventually getting into sleeping bags at 6am. I didnt get any pics of this night, but look forward to seeing them!

Dreary heads awoke the next morning, ready for the trek back to the south to exit. On the way we pass the mine school, Minerology office, Dragon Room, Human Bomb Room, Ossa Arida Plates although we do not stop for long .


Art by the Mine School Students.

By this time we are ready to make our exit, bumping into some very drunk cataphiles on the way out. We thought they might be cops at first but the smell gave it away! A couple of the group did unfortuneatly bump into les flics above ground but nothing to worry about.

Big shouts and thank you to : DirtySkeme, Teknicien, Rug , Cupidon, Koma (FC), BlaBla , Bacchus , OT, Raddog, Dweeb, Urban Junky, Naatje, Foantje, Defender, and anyone who i forgot. A top weekend, thanks everyone for making it possible! See you again soon!


Tucker :)​