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Report - - Paris Catacombs - 2nd & 3rd July 2007 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombs - 2nd & 3rd July 2007

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Oxygen Thief

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Visited with Sick, Dweeb, Root, Jagman and SimplyExploring.

Met up at Waterloo and got the Eurostar to Paris etc.

After the normal preparations, made our way to the start point and got in.

Started with the South West of the network... Castle room, Cellier, Bysance, etc.

Root at Rue Sarrette...


We then made our way to Lanterns, where we were pleased to meet an old aquantance, 'H'. It started off as the normal introduction, but something made me say "Do I know you? Is your name H ?"



Anyway, we made our way to Carrefour de Morts for a rummage around, and then headed East to Ansluz for the night.

We then headed South, and took in some rooms on the way down...

The Bookshop (or Library)...


The Human Bomb room...


This is a memorial to Eric Schmitt, a 42 year old who took a classroom of kids hostage.

The unidentified man, who had 16 sticks of dynamite strapped to his body, was shot three times in the head with guns fitted with silencers.
...from BBC ON THIS DAY | 15 | 1993: French police rescue child hostages

I don't know the reason this is commemorated.

Carrying on South to Montsouris Maze, and the KDP room...




Then the BDM room, then we made our way out, exiting through a manhole onto the pavement, and home.

The story about the Americans...

...we were chatting away in the bar on the train, and I ask the American girl "so what are you doing here?"
She replies "I'm with my father, he's the boss of O2 in London."
I say "O2 as in the O2 Dome?"
"Yes" she says.
"Did he ever see the pictures of the guys standing on the roof of the Dome?"
"Yeah, he was really pissed about that"
"That was me... here, have a 28DL keyring"

Good trip guys, thanks.
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