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Report - Paris catacombs + a bigass crane 13/14 aug

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naatje from holland

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Second time in the catas.
With Oxygen thief, Soloman, Squirrel, Vivo, and Jelle.

Still as amazing as the first time, Seen loads of new stuff
and something good that was a bitch to get to.
Writings over a hundred years old there. (and a furby)

Jelle Squirell and Soloman while Ot is climbing to the top of a manhole.

Looking for treasure.

Good times in the feast room.

While OT and Squirell are sleeping.

Squirell sleeping again.

Not much pictures taken I'm afraid but I'm sure the other guys have got some good ones.

Anyway, while down there Vivo told me about a crane in Paris, suppusedly one of the biggest things in Paris. He showed me some pics and big it was!
Jelle and I had all the time we wanted so we drove down there to have a look.
Vivo already told me something about a dog and yes, there it was.



Ended up doing it alone, in waders, It was the only thing I had other than flipflop's.

Half way up.


Eiffeltower to your right.


In waders.

Thanks OT and the other guys for another epic trip under and above paris!
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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Well... it was a great trip. Met Squirrel at my house on Friday evening and we just drove all the way to Paris, taking it in turns to drive. A bit of a clusterfuck trying to get parked, we got dizzy driving around CDG but eventually got sorted and got into town... a bit late... but not as late as Solomon !

The usual prelims then made our way in.

First we went to the not-very-visited Vanne Aqueduc, saw the amazing stairs and enamel plaque.

Then the usual touristy stuff, heading north to meet Rug (who couldn't meet us in the end) so we moved rooms to Anscluz where we bedded down for the night. Apart from a few interruptions we had a solid 12 hours sleep, better then the 30 minutes we had last time.

Well, we had to trim the original plan a bit, instead I showed the guys something you don't normally get to see down here.

Then, we headed East and South, and eventually out.

Just a few pics...

The group shot...


Naatje Longhands in the vanne Aqueduc...


Some painting...


A skull near the Carrefour des Morts...


Can you believe this guy... he had a pillow...


Anyway, thanks to all for a great trip. It was hard work but worth it.

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