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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This was never going to be easy - trying to Payno the photo perfectionist round all the highlights, whilst not compromising her rather, erm, 'high standards' in shooting stuff (i.e. slow ;) )

To add to the complications I'd managed to get us bumped on to a Eurostar 90 minutes after the one we'd booked - yes kids, it's the old hammer thing ;) - and ended up with an overloaded agenda... two rendezvous to make once inside. The first with Oxs at Bysance, and the second with an american girl who had got married that day, and was having a somewhat alternate reception party, up in the north :)

We make it to Bysance... Oxs has a stove, I've got bread, and we've both got a slab of fondue cheese... so it was time to take Payno to the most exclusive eatery in Paris ;)


One hour late for our Rendezvous in the north of the network, we finally make it to Anschluss. And... for the first time I can remember, it's empty. Time to play with the new LED maglite:


More Anschluss. How I'd not noticed these gargoyles before I don't know. But Payno has got them in her sights, so I dive in for a shot-steal :)


We arrive at Palao, a nice room in the North that is not marked on the maps. By the time we arrive, Hibou and her friends have gone. Damn! One of the people there was the author of the Atlas of the Paris Underground. A simply brilliant book, and one that I desperately would love to see an English version of. My chance to quiz the writer is missed, and instead I demonstrate how not to put hammocks up.

Repeat after me: "You cannot mount pitons in cement".

Here they are, before collapse #1. Which required some re pinning. And then collapse #2. Some final adjustments made, all good... the bounce test has passed... and then collapse #3. I suspect the back of my jacket has a good layer of candlewax now. Only one thing for it... the "two hours on the rock" special. It was sort of comfortable. Sort of.

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