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Report - Peacock Inn, Buckinghamshire (June 2020)


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My girlfriend and her family used to frequent this place regularly, apparently. A lovely little pub in its day, and very sad circumstances surrounding its demise.
The pub closed in January 2015 and whilst laying empty and derelict, it suffered a devastating fire in April 2017. At the start of 2017 travellers pitched up on the abandoned site and began burning wood in the car park. I wouldn't like to speculate that they were the cause of the fire inside the building too, but... y'know...
A report online states;

'This very popular pub rambles up and down steps through a series of small rooms, alcoves and window seats. The decor and furnishings are simple and mainly modern, with rugs on the polished brick and tile floor. Bar food includes ploughman's (£1.25), beefburger (£1.25), home-made chicken and mushroom or steak and kidney pie (£1.85) and ham salad (£2); well-kep ABC, Bass and Everards Tiger on handpump; darts and dominoes'




Downstairs is in 'relatively' good condition;

But upstairs is a whole other story;

All the best folks...


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Used to go there with my dad when i was around 9-12 years old after finnishing cub scouts. I remember it being really expensive there so i wasnt surprised when it closed. Loved seeing the photos of upstairs, allways wondered what it looked like