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Report - Penryn ROC post - Cornwall Group


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Before looking on this site i didnt even know what an ROC post was. I had a good browse through some of the post on here and recognised the hatchways as something i had seen not too far away !

I was about this weekend so i grabbed my camera and thought i would take a closer look.


Finally got in to discover this... all locked up! gutted :(

Lovely view from on top the hill though... Unfortunately its very open to people spotting you up there though.

I think the bad weather helped us visit unnoticed

One of the locks seems to have been attacked some time ago....

The other side has been attacked and repaired?

Everything else looked in good condition

Going to see if i can find who owns it and wether or not they would let me visit inside, i know a few of the farmers about so we will see what happens...


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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Trepassing will not be tolerated! I am in the process of restoring this bunker it has already been vandelised and bits stolen from its location trespassers will be prosecuted! CCTV in operation

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
Staff member
Trepassing will not be tolerated! I am in the process of restoring this bunker it has already been vandelised and bits stolen from its location trespassers will be prosecuted! CCTV in operation
Good effort doing it up :thumb However you'll find it hard to prosecute anyone who just trespasses to have a look at the ROC post. Possibly have a look at the laws regarding trespass before posting a statement threatening people!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thanks its hard work, alot of stuff has been stolen and vandalised that's what I mean about prosecution.. It's not threatening, it's stating what will happen if they are caught. and it is private property so they will be breaking the law by opening and entering the bunker.. websites like this cause a problem where by the site is advertised and gives the reader a sense of it being abandoned or derelict etc when in fact it isn't, and then causes an increase of visitors to the site of which some but not all cause problems and extra work for me.. and sadly a lot of history has now gone from there which I doubt I will ever be able to replace. I have no funding and I'm doing it as and when I get time and spare money which is very hard. I would be grateful if the post can be removed to help me do what I need to do as it is currently not open or safe for public access. Once I am done restoring her she will be open to the public on weekends by appointment only just like the other bunker at veryan, many thanks

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
Staff member
Hope the renovation goes well :thumb

As to removing this report, I don't think it would make any difference to be honest as most folk will research the locations of ROC post though a number of internet sites. They aren't that popular as once you've been in one they are pretty much the same, depending on what's left.

Here's a link to yours from Subterranea Britannica, I presume you have also asked them to remove the location from their site? http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/roc/db/988385219.019002.html

If the ROC Post is locked then fair play prosecuting anyone who forces access. Sad thing is they are well known locations, both locally and on the world wide web. I hope it isn't too trashed or vandalised inside and wish you all the best renovating it as they are fantastic places :thumb

If you are the local policeman who bought the ROC post you'll be very aware of the trespass laws and unless any damage is done or things stollen; then it is just a civil offence. i.e. get off my land ;)
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28DL Regular User
Regular User
As someone who has two... the more publicity you give your post the less mystery its shrouded in and the less chance people will break into it as they know it's being looked after.

I'm sure 99% of stolen items can be replaced as most stuff was generic. It's also good practice not to leave any equipment or items of value inside. I do have surplus items which I can donate to posts but only on the proviso that the post in question is actually opened to the public.

Personally I would be contacting subbrit and asking them to update the listing and include some photos of the inside and also give a contact email.

The locations of posts are in numerous places online so removing this thread would serve no purpose.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thank you all for your replies and your comments and advice, they are much appreciated . The post will be open to the public via appointment only on weekends once it's all restored, safe and secure just like the one in veryan which I admire very much as it's rather immaculate condition.

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