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Report - Pilkington Tiles / Poole / August 2011


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Well here's my first post on the forum, hope it's alright.

After searching around for a few weeks for new places to explore we heard rumours about an old tile factory in Hamworthy, Poole which had been shut down for a fair amount of time.
Pilkington Tiles seems to have been closed earlier this year going by the copious amount of paperwork we found in some of the offices. It's a huge find and definitely one to go explore, but has been abused and isn't in the best of condition due to decay. Going back for a full day trip soon to have a decent look around but here are a few of pictures out of the load that I took.

This is the first thing we say as we entered the main tile making plant, as you can see it's a pretty big place!


One of the larger "hangers" where they would have kept all the tiles ready for shipment, going by the shipping papers we found in the office in the far right.


This is the tallest part of the factory where all the pipe work and industrial turbines would have been kept. Seems that everything has recently been stripped out.


Many of the hangers are loaded with old tiles and rubble that have been cleared from the kilns and off the floors.


The factory also has some classic graff, this personally is my favourite.


There is still a fair amount of safety apparel lying around the place, consisting of fire suits, respirators, helmets and hi-vis jackets. This seems to be a mask of some sort of protection suit.


Gotta get a picture when your in these places too.


There is so much more to explore as it's a huge place. I'll post another update after we go back in a few weeks with some more intricate photos of the stuff there.

Hope this info is helpful.



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