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Pillboxes - Images of an Unfought Battle

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Pillboxes - Images of an Unfought Battle (Perfect Paperback)
by Ian J. Sanders

# Perfect Paperback: 128 pages
# Publisher: (27 April 2005)
# Language English
# ISBN: 1411626516


In 1940 a network of defences was hastily built all over the British Isles to prevent an anticipated German invasion. Sited at road junctions, canals and other strategic points these squat concrete constructions were called "pillboxes".

Despite the passage of time many of these remain as permanent monuments and a silent tribute to the courage and tenacity of the British people in the dark days of 1940.

This large format photo book shows a wide range of the remaining Anti-invasion defences in England.

Utilising a large number of photos from the authors own collection, the book shows many varied pillboxes as well as other defence sites, such as road blocks, fortified buildings and Q Sites throughout England. Accompanying map references allow the reader to visit the sites themselves.

All are well illustrated with the final sections listing the main pillbox types, details of the planned German Invasion, and the Home Guard.

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