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Report - Portside Grain Elevator, USA March 2015


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Those of you who've known me a while know that what really gets my juices flowing is a nice big slice of rusty industry. Don't get me wrong I really like hospitals and mansions and all that stuff but it's industrial abandonments that I have always enjoyed the most.

Often people will ask me what my favourite explores have been in the States and this one is right up there, even though it's one not many explorers seem to have on their radar. One can only wonder why, as not only is it fully intact it is absolutely, unbelievably massive, a huge metal and concrete monolith that dominates the landscape for miles around. It was one of the oldest grain elevators of it's type in the world and in it's prime one of the largest. It closed down in the mid 1990s and has sat decaying ever since as nobody really knows what to do with it.

Getting all the way to the top was an interesting experience. The only way to the good stuff housed in the upper levels above the silos was a single fully enclosed metal spiral staircase nestled in the natural space between four of the silos. As you can imagine, it was pitch black and incredibly disorientating after a while of heading upwards, so when I eventually emerged in the bright light of day on the top of the silos I had little idea where I was, how high up I was, or what was going on. To my surprise, the silos only came halfway up the structure but the other stairs were all of the conventional type so I was a little relieved at that - and after a further climb we found ourselves chilling on the roof in the sunshine. As my friend was a local and had been to the elevator a few times he said he was gonna stay on the roof and chill then would come meet me a little later, so off I wandered on my own to explore by myself. The light/contrast inside was rather harsh in places so the photos suffered a little but that is what it is.

Apologies for the varying photo sizes, I'm not quite sure what Flickr is playing at but it's been acting like a tart all day.

Thanks for looking :)​
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grumpy sod
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I've done a little sex wee…really nice and good to see one not graffed up so much..
Cheers man. Yeah considering where it is it's amazing it hasn't been graffitied too bad, then again the actual compound it's in is pretty active so a little more sketchy than most aha.

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