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Report - POW Camp 116 - Hatfield Heath, Essex - July 2014


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Hi all,

this is my first post so I'm hoping it's all ok. I visited this site in Hatfield Heath with my sister and another good friend (his photos are much better than mine) on a cloudy day in July, we dropped in before going off to the Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch! :)

There's not much history to this camp other than it was a Prisoner of War camp for non-Nazis during WW2 (mostly Italian soldiers). Interestingly enough it was a camp where the prisoners could leave during the day and work on the local farms, they were picked up by the local Land Girls in the morning then dropped off in the evening! There are a few remains of some lovely cars from the 50s (?) I've seen some great pictures of them on other reports of this site, but sadly they were not much but shells when we went! The entire site is pretty much a decaying mess... but it was fun to wander around!

The site seems to be used for some kind of logging business? It's very tidy and was a doddle to get into :)

I'm not a photographer (my thrill is going and finding these places and having a good nose about!) so these have been taken on my phone, but I don't think they're too bad so thought I'd share them.... after months of lurking thought it might be a good idea to actually post a report!! :)












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I visited this in July too. Must've been later as there were a few diggers about then. Did you go up the water tower? Nice views from up there :).
Cheers for sharing. Looks good.


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Thanks guys :) didn't go up the water tower (wimped out of that one!) I'm hoping to get aquadcopterin January... Hoping to get some fab shots if sites with it! :D


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Changed a lot since I was last there - it used to be completely overgrown. By the way, these pics are all of the guards camp. The actual POW huts are beyond the big house - much smaller huts and lots of them.

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