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Report - Power Station IM, Belgium - September 2012


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Visited with BAJ, demonhunter, Humpa and ruby h smith

Another from our recent roadtrip around Belgium, this was something I'd really wanted to see, absolutely love industrial sites and this one is something really special.
Me and BAJ arrived a few hours before the others so set about looking for our way in (cheers to JST for the advice!). After a rather awkward method of access we quickly discovered that we could of actually got in a much easier way, so we headed back out to find the other guys and get them in too, eventually we were inside the power station, suitably covered in coal dust and ready to go. During our explore we bumped into a few other groups of explorers, didn't get any names but if it happens to of been anyone reading this then hello and nice to of met you :)

We spent a good 4 hours or so looking around inside whcih unfortunately meant we didn't have time to go and look at the cooling tower, definitely needs a look in on the next trip to look around any bits we missed.























Thanks for looking :thumb