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Report - Pulborough ROC Post (West sussex) - March 2019


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  • opened - 1968
  • closed - 1991
My visit
Armed with a pair of waders I set off to Pulborough to go and have a look at the roc post. after speaking to the landowner he was more than happy for me to have a look. the hatch hadn't been opened for a number of years according to his son which would suggest that if it hadn't been accessed since subrits report on the site, the hatch had stayed closed for around 9 years. it was rather difficult to open the hatch so the owners son brought out a crowbar to help open it, it was also difficult as the counter balance had been removed. the landowner was also happy to allow me to salvage anything I could to put it towards restoration. The only big problem with this post is the hydrogen sulphide gas emissions from what looks to be a rotting carpet in the water, this meant I couldn't spend too long underground.

speaking to the owners son he told me he remember the roc coming down every weekend and disappearing down the hatch for most of it. the post was surrounded by a high compound and was always directly in front of their family home. when the land was handed back they deemed the surface features to be ugly and blocked their view of the surrounding countryside so demolished them down to ground level. they never had any interest in doing anything with it so much so they had only been down once or so themselves and didn't deem their to be a need to completely demolish it. I believe this to have been a met post due to the orange rotating flag to show wind direction.







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I thought this had been demolished. Good effort, shame it's flooded though.

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