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Report - Purton Ship Graveyard, Glos - May 2012


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Finally somewhere I can explore with the wife! :thumb

I've been meaning to visit since Styru re-posted his report, and it didn't disappoint :)

Not strictly speaking UE but it's a nice place to visit and some interesting remains to have a look at. At this time of year with the grass so long you can only see some of the particularly large boats, but you could make out some random bits of metal or wooden beams poking out occasionally too.

The banks of the river Severn have historically suffered from erosion by the tide. Between 1909 and 1965 redundant and unwanted vessels were beached on the foreshore and allowed to fill with silt. These formed a barriere and helped prevent the river eroding into the canal embankment. The various working boats now form one of the largest collection of historical inland waterway craft in Britain.

The Dispatch


The Severn Collier


The Abbey


The Harriet


All in all, a lovely place for a mooch in the sun :D
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