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Report - Qiniteq Malvern: April 2018


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28DL Full Member
I don't believe Qinitec own it anymore.
Good evening, thanks for the reply.I must revisit Malvern.Will save a possible explore for the last day of my visit.The last time I was on site we had to have a M.O.D escort to take us to the construction site, would have to have my collar felt by the MP,s


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The abandoned stuff is no longer owned by QinetiQ. But the active site does have security on it who I'm sure would ask you to leave were you caught there just like any other place.

Mind you the only time I was caught at the Centre for Human Sciences in Farnborough when I stupidly walked in front of a camera on the only active QinetiQ building and an employee at their headquarters set the world's loudest alarm off, the security guard they dispatched from their headquarters was, and still is, the nicest most pleasant guy whose ever caught me.


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28DL Full Member
Ah ... The walls come to me..It's the red wine you know. Anyway before I start rambling can I correct the last sentence of my last post which should have read "would not like to have my collar felt by the MP,s.Anyway it's time to put up or shut up for me,hope to post some images shortly, that is if I can navigate the menus....bit rusty on modern I.T the last time I wrote a program I saved it to 8 bit punched paper tape.

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