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Report - Quiberon Coastal Defences, Brittany, France - August 2010


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Happy New Year all.
These were the first urban exploration photos I ever took, which were on holiday in France with my family back in August 2010.

About the site:

Unfortunately I don't speak much French, so it was difficult to gather a lot of info regarding this site. All I do know is that it is situated on the Quiberon peninsula, and that it appears to still be in use by the French military, as I spotted some soldiers near the buildings on on the of the occasions that I tried to go and explore the place. Fearing being surrounded and having to rely upon 'Je suis desole" and "Pardon monsieur", I came back the next day, with my camera.

The site consists of a small railway line, which goes in a rectangular loop, and leads to what looks like some kind of shed. Possibly an engine testing track... there is also a tower and a few outbuildings, including one which looked like it may have been residential. All of the site has been badly vandalised and is in generally poor conditions, but it was a half decent explore all the same :)

Here are the photos:

(Footage via Google Maps)


The tower:


Looking upwards into the tower- next time bring a rope ladder :mrgreen:


Inside the main building near the railway:


Some sort of engine shed?


The railway:


The residential building somewhere behind the tower:

A row of what was probably showers...

Some graffiti (anyone speak French?)


A nice little mural:


Anyway, that's all for now. I'm hoping to do some new explores in the coming year :)