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Report - - R & W pauls, Mill building, Ipswich | Industrial Sites |

Report - R & W pauls, Mill building, Ipswich

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si o doom

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well what a find this one was!

Someone mentioned seeing it during the day and said it was fucking huge (sorry Dweeb or Clayderman, I know it was one of you two but no idea which!)

So after the Orford ness visit, We all hit the hotel freshened up and went to the local Wetherspoons, for "A quick pint then we'll hit that mill"............3 Hours later the top bar had been emptied of koppaberg and we set a wandering for the Mill.

Dweeb, Disco kitten, Calyderman, Raddog, Raddogs very understanding other half and of course me! were along for the festivities on this one.

Outstanding site, Comedy entrance at its best, Great security :rolleyes: , and some very funny moments.......All in all the a great night

Heres the pics, Quite annoyed most of my shots from the roof have come out blurred, but they get sharper as i sobered up :D











Got Epic?
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I visited these before this site existed and i didnt think of taking pics back then unfortunatly!

It has been posted before by other people (Dab??) i think but demolition has been going on for years now!

Last time i was there was a couple of months ago. didnt go to explore was just passing. It looks like this