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Report - Radford Mill, Nottingham 20/05/10


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Speed and Dweeb.

After a good morning in George Barnsley, we were going to head to Bradford next but realised it was a lot further north than we first thought so instead, we headed south to Nottingham. Finding the first site on our list to be a bit of a dive and also a lot more sealed than last time, we checked out Radford Mill instead which turned out to be pretty cool.

It appeared to have lots of uses in its lifetime, most recently just a place to mass produce cheapy cheapy clothes. Dweeb went digging under the floorboards and found lots of old buttons and packets of sewing needles.

Good stuff!






























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28DL Full Member
buttons.........hmm not worth putting in a 10p rummage basket!