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Report - Raf Chilmark Bomb Store Wiltshire Nov10


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Went here with rigsby vw petzl toad evil genius and his missis the engineer ultravox.
One hell of a day with plenty of fun to be had by all cheers all involved anybody still got ringing in the ears i have :D.

This is the former ammunition and bomb depot of RAF Chilmark.

Chilmark Quarries and its underground limestone mines about 500m to the north, and the surrounding land, were acquired by the Air Ministry in 1936 and served as a bomb store, RAF Chilmark, throughout WW2. The depot had a narrow gauge railway and there was a transfer station at Ham Cross 1km to the south with a 4km spur from the main line at Dinton. The first consignment of war stores arrived in May 1937. There were also immense surface storage bomb and ammunition dumps in other locations in the area, particularly in Grovely Woods about 7km by road to the north-east.
Anyway on with the pics

Unlike most other RAF depots, Chilmark continued in use after the war. In 1994 supplies were transferred to the Nato depot at Glen Douglas in Scotland, prior to the complete closure of Chilmark in April 1995 with the loss of 200 jobs. Since then the site has been cleared of explosives, and much of the land towards Dinton has been sold off. In 1985 a bunker was built in the southern part of the site to serve as a Regional Government Headquarters,but this was decommissioned and sold in 1997.

Much of the site around Chilmark Quarries remains in Ministry of Defence ownership


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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As this site was so big i could not get all the pics on one report for below and above ground so here is number 2.

gun cabinet in toilets ?

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