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Report - RAF Chilmark, Underground Ammo Stores, Wiltshire, September 2010


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"Underground" or "Military"???

Well, it existed as an underground quarry first, so in underground it goes...

Visited as usual with Montstar (sadly no MarkyMark this time)

We'd heard of RAF Chilmark a few years ago, courtesy of a couple of reports from OT and subbrit etc. But to be honest, with our spotlight well and truly on other underground MoD sites in the area over the last year or so, it had kind of slipped our minds :D

However, with a fresh report from 28dl new member Andyking, it was now fully back on the cards.

At first there appears to be very little history on RAF Chilmark, other than railway enthusiast sites, but with a little digging, the author of "The Bible" (Nick McCamley) has left a little gem of info on http://www.monkton-farleigh.co.uk/Chilmark.htm
It reads:


Chilmark was a small limestone quarry worked to provide stone for Salisbury Cathedral. The quarry closed in 1935 when demand for limestone fell due to the increased use of concrete for building purposes. The quarry and surrounding land were bought by the Air Ministry in 1936.

In contrast to the other RAF ammunition depots, Chilmark was stable. The limestone was of good quality, so fewer pillars were needed to support the roof, and the floor was level. The entrances were in poor condition, but these were strengthened with a concrete lining which gave the tunnels the appearance of the London tube!

The first consignment of war stores arrived in May 1937. Chilmark’s claim to fame is the fact that it was on the only RAF ammunition depot to survive the war.

In the early years of the war Chilmark took over a number of remote satellite depots including two of the War Office underground sites at Corsham (Eastlays Quarry and Ridge Quarry) and also developed immense surface storage sites in woodland at Dinton and Grovelley Wood.

So, with the excitement of the rarity of a "fresh" MoD underground site we set off for Chilmark......

After an emergency "pitstop" en-route for Montstar (dodgy pizza) we parked up in a nearby wood, and began walking to the perimeter fence, to firstly have a look at the structures on the top of hillside.

Most of the small ammo store rooms were locked, but a couple were open, so we did get a look inside some, which to be honest, is all you'd need (not exactly interesting)

Some pics of the "overground" stuff...
(i think you can see the relief in his face ;) )

WAHEY! One was open! (102)


And a couple more open doors...(44 & 45 i think?)




There are also some interesting buildings on the surface, unfortunately they are all well locked.

Once we'd seen enough topside, we went in search of the entrance to the actual quarry which the MoD converted into use as one large ammo storage area. On the way through the forest we stumble apon this..


Looks like an interesting mission for another day?

Once we'd been cut to shreads to find the slope to the mine entance, realised we could have reached it from the main road, and VERY NEARLY given up :gay we found it, and made our way in...



The narrow gauge railway was awsome, it entered on one line, and then fanned out in 4/5 directions on the inside! It was also very handy for navigation! The only bummer was the lack of a train to play with :D



If you keep your eyes peeled, there are some interesting carvings to see...





Oh, it had to be done:D

The Blast door to the emergency exit/lift shaft is impressive, and it made a change not to be seeing bright red ones ;)




All in all t'was a good visit!

Thanks for looking!