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Report - RAF Davidstow, Cornwall, Oct 2010


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RAF Davidstow Moor, Cornwall, October 2010

Visited on the way back from the cornwall meet. Not a great deal left now but still worth a look.

RAF Davidstow Moor opened on the 1 October 1942. Situated on Bodmin Moor at an altitude of 970ft. The wind swept base was home to 19 Grp. Coastal Command.
In 1943 612 Squadron flew Wellingtons from the base.
Davidstow Moor was breifly home to RCAF 404 (Buffalo) Squadron who flew Beaufighters from there from the 8th May until the 1st July 1944.
No 524 Squadron reformed at Davidstow Moor on 7 April 1944, undertaking the maritime reconnaissance role. Equipped with Wellingtons 524 undertook patrols to locate E-boats, which were then attacked by other squadrons. The squadron relocated to the East Coast in July 1944.
The following sqadrons were also based at Davidstowe Moor: 53 Sqd 1/1/43 - 18/2/43 Hudson, 144 Sqd 10/5/44-3/9/44 Beaufighter, 206 Sqd 18/3/44-12/4/44 B-17 B-24, 269 Sqd 8/1/44 2/44 Hudson, 281 Sqd 27/2/44-7/2/45 Warwick, 282 Sqd 1/2/44-19/9/44 Warwick, 304 Sqd 7/12/43-13/12/43 Wellington, 404 Sqd 8/5/44-3/9/44 Beaufighter, 547 Sqd 31/5/43-25/10/43 Wellington, 612 Sqd 18/4/43-25/5/43 Wellington. Davidstowe Moor was also used as a refuelling base for USAAF B24s, RAF ASRs 304 and 547 Sqdns.
The air base was used by the Americans and Canadians for training in the run up to D-Day and was visited by General Eisenhower during 1944
In 1952 a 2.6 mile Motor Racing track was opened on the site. Meetings were badly affected by the weather and attracted low crowd numbers.The track hosted a Formula One race in May 1955, at the last race meeting to be held there.
Today the site is derelict, the runways are used by light aircraft.

Here are a few pics


Security Were watching us closely in their wooly coats.











There were still a few other areas around the site I would have liked to have visited but time was getting on and the weather was turning ice cold, so maybe next time.

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