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Report - RAF Davidstowe (Jul'07)

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Dammit it's taken a while to post these:eek:

Yes Davidstowe as in the cheese; the processing plant is just next to it.

Anyway spent some time in Cornwall over the some and came across this site quite literally by accident. Nice site, the peri track and runways are largely intact (big runways too) the base itself was used as a staging area for US Liberators flying into the country as well as a coastal command and rescue base.

As we can see a big site

Unfortunately I was out of time so could only do the main field (there are several accommodation blocks still standing about half a mile south and half a mile north(iirc) consisting of Quornset(I think) type huts and various air raid shelters used by local farms.

As it is although the site is derelict there is a small recently opened private museum (of surprisingly good quality) in the restored officers quarters well worth a visit as the staff are local and very knowledgeable about the site.

On to the pics:

There were lots and I mean lots of these slit trench style shelters.

Not sure what this is (first thought was a fire station).

There are various Hangers and stores still standing in various states of repair.


And finally the control tower and this is where the explore ended, this is the best shot I could get before I was so rudely interrupted by the owners of the vehicles you can see in the background. I'd assumed they were RC aircraft flyers but No; I managed to walk onto a filming unit, who were not best pleased about having a guy with a camera nosing about:mad:


Was not best pleased as the car was the better part of a mile away on the peri track and I was 'escorted' a good part of the way by a couple of 'security' who made me look small and insignificant, says the six and a half foot tall fat bastard (there was a distinct duelling banjos feel to them as well :eek!: )

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