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Report - RAF Daws Hill, High Wycombe - January 2015


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The Explore

Visited with Zombiefart

So here is my first explore of 2015, this one has been on my list for a while and unfortunately i feel like i some what missed the boat on this one as the re-demolition has begun of this site picking up from where the last demo crew stopped and this time they haven't hung about, with large parts totally levelled and any remaining buildings stripped bare of any remnants of what was there before it was an all in all pretty uninspiring non photogenic explore but hey ho you win some you lose some.

My apologies for the lack of exterior/quality of photos as constant rain, overcast conditions, minimal light and an epic 6 hour game of cat and mouse with 3 police cars and 2 security vans all made it somewhat difficult to produce anything of merit, it was anything but a relaxed explore!!

The History (copied of course)

American military forces were first stationed at High Wycombe in 1942, shortly after the United States' formal entrance into the Second World War. So urgent was the action that Wycombe Abbey School, situated on the land that would become the station, was given three weeks to find new facilities; failure in this effort led to the school's closing, until the independent girl's school was returned by the US in 1945.

In 1952, the station, formerly known as Daws Hill House, welcomed US forces again. The following years of the Cold War saw fluctuation in the station's importance.

Approximately 800 personnel were stationed there when, in 1969, their numbers were reduced, so that, in the early 1970s, only a small group remained for upkeep of facilities.

Then, in 1975, activity escalated, revitalising the station's importance to the American military in Europe. Its nuclear bunker, with 23,000 square feet (2,100 square meters) of space, housed high-tech equipment for the direction of nuclear bombers and guided missiles.

Between 1982 and 1985 there was a peace camp outside the base protesting against the bringing of United States cruise missiles to the United Kingdom.[2]

Use of the station was reduced with the end of the Cold War; by 1992, US Defense personnel at RAF Daws Hill numbered fewer than 350.

In 2002, the UK Ministry of Defence proposed to close RAF Daws Hill some years in the future, turning the 50 acres (20 ha) of land over to other public and private use and relocating American Naval personnel and activities to other locations near London, particularly RAF Uxbridge.[3] The plan apparently fizzled, however, when the US Navy voiced its preference to remain. High Wycombe, desiring to build at least 400 new houses by 2011 for its growing population, considered the land ideal for up to 600 houses; but nearby residents also rejected the proposal because of the changes that it would entail, including increased traffic on relatively quiet roads.

The station was home, between 1971 and 2007, to the London Central Elementary High School, part of the Department of Defense Dependents Schools, with pupils in grades K–12. Also at Daws Hill are 70 housing units for American personnel and their families. Other facilities include warehouses and those for vehicle maintenance, as well as support buildings for persons who lived and worked at the station, such as a bank, a post office, a bowling alley, sports grounds and buildings, a small exchange, an automobile refuelling station, and a social club.[3]
The Photos















Thanks for looking :thumb

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Re: RAF Daws Hill - High Wycombe - January - 2015

Police cars and security vans! No sign of any security when we were there last month.
Guess climbing the radio mast there is coming off my to-do list now.


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Yh seems that since theyve started re-demo theyv up'd security to protect all the raw materials and equipment, this was my second visit in the last 2 weeks, got caught first time within 30 mins and 3 police cars swiftly followed and same again second time however i managed to elude them for the duration of the explore whoch was not easy! I advise anyone going here to be very vigilante and carefull wen navigating the site.


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Security sounds like a different ball game there now, was a bit shocked it wasn't like that in the first place though. Tried to PM you mate but your inbox is full


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New member here, have been lurking for a while though!

I visited this twice very recently. The Security were extremely vigilant but not a problem if you have half a brain! The main complex with school, accommodation, gymnasium, bowling alley etc were still accessible but the WW2 bunker (my main point of interest) was securely locked with big padlocks. If anyone has any further knowledge regarding the bunker, I'd love to hear about it!



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have been here recently work has been done, the theatre and bowling alley no longer remain or we just couldnt find them
only one building was locked up still the closest to the building site, have not located bunker but other buildings are still okay good visit.


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Access details removed from quoted post .
Thanks allot buddy may want to edit the stuff out now
I've never seen security there only builders.

I think I know where your talking about
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