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Report - RAF High Ercall, Shropshire - November 2015


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Construction of the airfield began in 1938, it was partly complete by 1940, though work on the airfield buildings continued into 1941. From 1940 the airfield was operated by Maintenance Command, particularly by 29 Maintenance Unit. Civilians from the Ministry of Aircraft Production were also worked at the base. From 1941-1942 the airfield was taken over by Fighter Command, and it was used by 68, 255 and 257 Squadrons, also 1456 Flight. These were mainly night fighter units. From 1942 the base was also used by the United States Army 8th Air Force's 309 Fighter Squadron. The role of the site changed in 1943 to training: it was used mainly by 60 Operational Training Unit for this purpose.

Between the 1960s and 1990s, the Site was the Multi-Occupational Training and Education Centre (MOTEC) which provided training for workers including HGV drivers and mechanics. In 2004 the site was sold to Angel Group, who planned to house asylum seekers there. After local opposition these plans came to nothing, and eventually the site was sold again in 2004. The accomodation blocks were partly stripped in the summer of this year, however work seems to have ground to a halt for some reason.















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Excellent set of photos
Its in excellent condition; untrashed
Good work


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I did a little Reconnaissance of this place today for a future explore - entrys and exits etc , There was a lot of activity there - lots of workman about and a lot of brand new cars there - looks like this gem may be losing its sparkle?


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Yeah I can confirm that.. We got inside and had a look around a few buildings. Most have been gutted and lots knocked down now. The fire truck has gone now and as @tazong mentioned it's being used to store new Nissan Jukes and various new vans. Secca caught us in the end which was a relief actually so we could stroll out the front gate lol. Shame we hit this one a few months late :(

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