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Report - RAF Stenigot Night shots

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Squirrell 911

28DL Regular User
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Tonight Madmax and I went to his side of 'tumber bridge to RAF Stenigot which he and a few others of this site know and love but have not been at night time. For those who dont know what the place was here is a brief history.

RAF Stenigot was a Chain Home High station during the WW II and later as a NATO ACE HIGH station. As part of the Chain Home network it helped provide early warning of Luftwaffe raids on the approaches to Sheffield and Nottingham and the Midlands. It also had a Lincolnshire Chain Home Low counterpart at Ingoldmels.

The surviving Chain Home High transmitter mast view is used by the Aerial Erector School from RAF Digby for 'climbing aptitude at height 'tests. The site still includes the bases of the three other masts, sub-surface transmitter and receiver buildings, a guardhouse, water tower and pill boxes.

Madmax has washed the dishes now he just has to put them away :D


Dishes and the night sky.


A Squirrell and a dish.


Inside one of the buildings.


Whats left of one of the controllers.


Leaving the site.


Madmax will add his soon.


28DL Full Member
It was great to go back and see this place again, especially at night because I hadn't done that before.
I've fond memories of this place. It's where I first met Turkey and Dweeb when they came up for a Lincs day out and also where we had a Chilli and Bmx afternoon on the 28dl first birthday in Oct 06.
Anyway, here's a few of my pics.

All four dishes are resting in the corner of the field

Dish, Moon and Lincs Comms Tower in the distance

The Hero shot :D

Squirrell911 caught photographing the old Generator

Nice Dial action

Dish climbing in the dark

Funny moment when we came out of the building by the dishes to find we were suddenly surrounded by about 100 sheep.
As you can imagine as soon as they realised that we were there, they all scattered like crazy banging into the dishes and fencing.