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Report - RAF Stenigot

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28DL Full Member
This was a communications station for the NATO Ace High system. This system has all gone, but this site is in the middle of nowhere and these HUGE dishes are just laid on the ground.

They are pretty cool to walk round and on, there's not much on the site except a couple of blast protected bunkers with some old electrical plant inside. The grass site is completely open and the farmer doesn't mind people visiting there.






28DL Full Member
It used to be a WW2 chain home radar station, that's the electrical equipment in the pic above. There were four big masts, there's one left thats used as a training school for the RAF antenna riggers squadron or whatever it's called.

It's really cool, there's loads of stages, rappel points, ladders, the whole lot a student of antennae needs to learn. Would be scary but cool to play on :)