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Report - RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire. June 2021


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Visited with @Chloe Explores

We had a morning of fails (and a shitty hot tub showroom) before arriving here where I thought I would fail at the 6ft gate. I can’t climb and I’m not a fan of heights. Ok, so it was only 6ft but it’s that feeling of no control as you perch at the top trying to get yourself over. I do it on soppy little four bar farm gates, I panic and worry I’m going to fall off and hurt myself. Thankfully Chloe is now a dab hand at helping the elderly get in places and over gates.

Beyond the gate of terror are two compounds we walked around looking in the various buildings fighting through brambles and nettles in places and discovering nothing much for our effort. The buildings are inhabited by very angry pigeons flapping around and divebombing at you.

After a good look round the place we realised the place we were actually looking for was down the road. I’ll be posting that next as it was glorious in its peeling paint and decay. This place lacked any real wow factor but was a nice little mooch, and I’ve not done much military, despite the gate of doom.

History -

RAF Wyton is still a live site on one side of the road.

Wyton has been a military airfield since 1916, when it was used for training by the Royal Flying Corps. In 1935 it was upgraded to ‘contemporary’ standards. During World War II it was used primarily as a bomber base, flying Bristol Blenheim, de Havilland Mosquito and Avro Lancaster aircraft. In 1942 it became the home of the Pathfinder Force under the command of Group Captain Don Bennett.

After the war Wyton became home to the Strategic Reconnaissance Force, adding English Electric Canberra to the aircraft flown. Vickers Valiants, modified for reconnaissance, moved there in 1955 and a Handley Page Victor in 1959. Provision was made to store nuclear weapons if necessary.

The Victor belonged to a separate Radar Reconnaissance Flight (initially of one aircraft - rising to three by the time RRF was disbanded in 1962) to supplement the work of the Valiants of 543 Sqn. The Canberras of 58 Sqn were a mix of PR7 and PR 9s.

Also based at RAF Wyton were the T17 and T17A Canberras of 360 Sqn, the only joint RAF and RN Sqn specialising in ECM training.

In the early 90's one of its pilots was Ft Lt Rory Underwood the rugby player.

Other residents at RAF Wyton were 100 Sqn with a mixture of Canberra types in the Targeting Role also resident but "never officially present" were the three Nimrod R1s belonging to 51 Sqn used in the Elint and Sigint role.

RAF Wyton hosts the annual Pathfinder March, a 46 mile walk which starts and finishes at RAF Wyton.

(Taken from Derelict Places)




















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Decent set from here. This was the old bomb dump to the airfield. Crazy as I went here in 2015 and it was spotless, and it's shocking how much graffiti has appeared in a relatively short time. Guess the other place is the photographic centre.

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