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Report - - Railways Workshop, Tyne Yard, Birtley - July 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Railways Workshop, Tyne Yard, Birtley - July 08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
With the intention of having another look at the derelict signal box/control room at Birtley, I found access to the adjoining workshops. These have never been accessible before, clearly some pikey activity has opened them up.

The Tyne Yard is still a very active site for freight on the East Coast Main Line, but its far larger than its 60s design requires in modern times. The control room and workshops have fallen into disuse, the former in the late 80s but these workshops as late as 2004.

Take a look at the report on the signal box, better shots than I could manage

Below are my shots of the previously unseen workshop. It was really weird in there, as if the workers were returning on Monday morning, tools and components left mid flow. Only give away it was disused was the flooded basement and old BR Intercity branded memorbilia.


Nice old lathe!

Oh, comedy genius working for British Transport Police "I am aware that I must take care" no wonder they still have 100s left in the store.

Intercity branded hi viz

Flood :eek:

Mini gantry crane

Never seen one of these before - tape recorded that plugs directly into a phone socket?

Tools left open ready to continue work