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Report - Rank Hovis/ Clarence Flour Mill, Hull –April 2009


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The Rank Hovis/ Clarence Flour Mill in Hull opened in 1891 closed December 2005. The silo is mostly the original Victorian build, designed by W. Alfred Gelder of Hull. The rest of the original mill was destroyed in 1940 during the war (Hull was very heavily bombed) the mill as it is today was built around the remainder of the old silo in the 1950s (the original silo is the lighter brickwork and the 'Clarence' Signage etc), currently the mill sits proudly on the riverbank as reminder of Hull's former position as the second largest milling centre in the kingdom. The currently proposed development will feature a larger 85m 23 storey tower. The Rank name is responsible for products such as Hovis, Bisto, Mr Kipling, Paxo and many more.

A week or so ago I explored it again with Cactusmelba and Chauffeur. I’ll start with a couple of older pics first:

Here is the Mill, at night back in December (on film):

Heres my favourite picture I took when I first visited the mill last summer:

And onto the pictures from the recent visit-
Stitched panoramic looking over Hull:

Bags of flour:

I don’t even know what this is, but flour went down it (on film):

The floors of the mill are still lined with rows of wooden flour coated machinery, they don’t make them like that anymore (on Film):

Me looking out of one of the infamous round windows (on film):


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