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Report - Rauceby Lunatic Asylum, Dec 2011


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Finally got round to getting my pictures up.
13eightyfour and myself have been on about doing some exploring for a while, and finally decided on Rauceby as our first venture.

Sadly, we seem to have left it a few years to late. There is not a lot there any more. The chapel is listed so can't be demolished, but the main sections of the hospital have been knocked down leaving about 6-7 partial buildings.

The first building we got to was the Chapel, the front door was knocked down so provided easy access.


Sadly I didn't get any decent shots inside as I am new to shooting in pitch black conditions. Although inside it's pretty much a dumping ground for pipe work, barriers and old computer manuals. (MS-DOS 6.2 Quick Guide FTW!!)

After wandering around the remains of the main hospital, it's fairly obvious that the owners are keen not to let anyone in to the remaining buildings. Nearly all doors and windows are boarded up, the boards look pretty new aswell.
We did find one building at the far end with a door board that had been pulled down, so we went inside.


This was the main floor space on the ground floor, didn't bother jumping down and going to the far side. There was also a stair to the basement and to the second floor.
The Basement was flooded so again, we went no further.

There was some Graffiti on the way up the stairs. (I did as it said!)


The glazed tiles are beautiful, and it shows a quality of building that is sadly not seen any more.

Upstairs was a similar layout to the ground floor, but with added floor boards.

Should add at this point, when I was younger there was a lot of stories of ghosts and other stuff about Rauceby, and at this point I am shitting myself!!

Finding this fish mural on the wall did seem awfully surreal to me at the time.


Here shows what has been down to most of the buildings, I'd say from the aerial photos I have seen from 20 years ago, there is probably about 10-15% of the original building still standing.


There were a few access points to the other building, but they were all elevated, and I didn't like the idea of climbing on pallets like other people seem to have done.


And of course random shot with a date.


All in all I enjoyed it, but as I said previously it was sadly visit that I should have done years ago.


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