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Report - - Ravenscraig Asylum, Greenock - Jan 2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Ravenscraig Asylum, Greenock - Jan 2008

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Well, where to start with this one......

firstly its in RU cause I got busted on a second trip and dont want the boys in black knowing ive been there twice ;)

The building is still in use as OT has said.... its being used as Social Departmet for Inverclyde Council and also for the dishing out of flu vaccinations.

there is a good portion of the building that is disused and derelict though. I got busted cause i accidentally strayed into the Active part and then set off an alarm on a Magnetic Door.

I will add more photos once im home to show the interiors of Wards 10a and 10b. The dentists too. Once the Police return my film i will be able to show the stores, old kitchens and various other bits n bobs.

Had three trips here in total...... 1st was a recce with Dazzababes and Rooks.... almost got nabbed then too .... Security are on the ball. lol

Second I took in the old part .... lots of damage to ward 10... dont think it'll see many more winters :(

Lastly was when i got busted

enough jabbering heres some more pics of the outside .... more will be added later tonight or tomo morning.


overhead image


looking past the day hospital towards the chimney


this is the possible mortuary - we couldnt find a way in without damagng the place so we didnt bother - lots of gurneys and o2 cylinders lying outside this place with no way in friom the main building.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It is to bad they went and demolished this lovely old building and are planning to build a massive housing estate!