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Report - - Riseley ROC Post - Bedfordshire Group 2/10/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Riseley ROC Post - Bedfordshire Group 2/10/07

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Still researching
28DL Full Member
Visited today. As I approached the location where I had it marked on the print out from Google earth I saw the telegraph poles stop, so I pulled over.
As I followed the hedge row I found a rectangular compound there was a wooden fence hidden beneath a mountain of brambles. As I walked round hope of getting in was becoming slimmer. As I rounded the corner of the compound there was half a brick building and a wooden shed that was in a bad way. I walked a bit more and tripped over the ROC posts old Toilet (yes thats how grown over it is) I rounded the third and final side of the compound and I realised there was no cahnce of getting in without a battle. Sooooo back to the car and out came the steel bar as I battled back the brambles and nettles I found the fence (some what worried incase it fell to bits under my weight as it looked very old) I climbed on to it. Still fighting back the brambles and nettles (I had been here a good 15 mins) I managed to climb the fence a bit more and I could see the hatch much to my relief. SO I climbed into the compound and struggled with mother nature once more. Once I had a stable footing I reached out and lifted the hatch.


The sound of condensation hitting water as it ran off the lid. I knew from a subbrit report and another one not so long back it had been flooded but sometimes the levels drop. This one had I have to say by about a foot or two but was still just below the doorway into the post itself. Gutted after the struggle I took some breif snaps and slumped off unimpressed.

You cant win em all.

Heres the lovely mess I made




The hatch itself


And the rest well you want to see it you find it cause its in there somewhere I did my bit.