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Report - - ROC Post No.38 Newbigging/Monikie (Update) 3-04-2011 | ROC Posts |

Report - ROC Post No.38 Newbigging/Monikie (Update) 3-04-2011

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28DL Member
28DL Member
Only visited this site as I was in the area visiting the nearby radar station and decided to pay it a quick visit as I was curious and still had a little bit of power in my camera that I intended to use for nice exterior shots.

On reaching the post, I discovered that it had been forced open, and looks like someones attacked the whole exterior with a sledgehammer or something as theres chunks of concrete knocked out of it. I lifted the hatch and put it down on the ground and took a quick shot down the ladder, then the battery packed in. From the photo bellow you can see what the damage is like just to that small part of the bunker, the top of the ladder has been bent, the mechanism is gone, as are the fittings such as the warning sign behind the ladder. Already things were looking bad, but I climbed down the ladder anyway, things were worse down there. Theres nothing left now apart the carpet, a couple of cusions and a box containing the records. Everything else is gone, tables, electric tables etc have all been ripped out. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with the landowner as theres no way that someone could have caused so much destruction and removed everything from inside without getting someones attention. :mad:


Thanks and sorry it couldnt have been a better report