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Report - Rosary Road Chalk Mines, Norwich, July 2013


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I will preface this by saying that I'm new to both Urbex and photography, therefore some of my photos are crap.

The chalk mine served as an air raid shelter during the Second World War - it's built into a hillside on the north side of the city and has been around since at least the 1700's. My guide for the day claimed that many of the tunnels he'd been down recently have since been blocked. With the building work going on nearby, it's hard to tell if this is due to workers filling the tunnels in, or collapse. If you plan on heading down here at any point, make sure somebody knows where you are and when you plan to be back.


No parking and no explorers.


Once inside, it was significantly cooler than the 20'something degrees outside.


Cheeky selfy.


This gap lead to possibly the largest single area in the mines, just above the entrance. I'm glad I didn't eat a big lunch.


The main cavern (above the entrance) lit up by a lantern. I apologise for the crappy quality.


A metal bed pushed up against the wall. It was filled with scrunched up paper, which also surrounded the area.
I'm not sure if somebody was trying to start a fire or create a make-shift mattress.


I managed to forget my torch - my iPhone managed to throw out some cool light.


Theanonymousexplorer staying anonymous.

Thanks for looking - Hotel Wroxham and Harford Hill mines to follow some time this week.
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