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Report - - Rossington Colliery - 27.05.06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Rossington Colliery - 27.05.06

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Well, what a strange trip this was, with views of getting this looked at, hatfield again, thorpe marsh and anything else we saw, it turned out a little odd.

After newspaper reports that the colliery had closed in January 06, it appeared there was still some small activity onsite, we snuck on site the back way and these were the shots we got...some impressive buildings and fantastic headstocks...

Only problem being it isnt shut yet!...There was guys doing maintenance at the top of the headstocks, guys wandering around randomly...and when we left there was a convoy of blokes who were walking back off shift to the bath house, the pit it still semi-operational! Needless to say we made a hasty retreat...


dweebs comedy entrance...


the colliery at a distance...


colliery equipment...


buildings and winding houses dating from 1913 and 1915...


the headstock...


and finally, the guys half way up the headstock...


Turk ;)


Re: Rossington Colliery - 27.05.06 - Report

I can confirm that the place is not yet closed, just being salvaged.
I made a trip there myself today and the security is still very high, chased over the pit tip by some men in a land rover and then throw the woods on foot. There where some very strange looking men lurking in the bushes with cameras who said they where taking pictures of deer and another up a tree with binoculars looking at the pit, some how i think the security men had seen enough intruders today and where taking it out on me, i eventually lost them in the streets of Rossington and made my way back to the car, which was parked opposite the pit gates, not a good idea. Still i managed to get some decent pictures of the place but will be back in a few months when hopefully they have all cleard off.

A few pictures of the place .