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Report - Royalty cinema - Birmingham - april 2015


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Lovely art deco cinema tucked away in sunny south brum, this was the second time i tried this place, first time was a fail but its not too far from me so it was only a matter of time until it happened. pain in the bum of a place to light up, light comes tearing through the few windows that are in this place and makes for very uneven lighting, should really learn to layer different exposures but hey ho.

bit of history

The Royalty Cinema was opened on 20th October 1930 with Maurice Chevalier in "The Love Parade". It was built for and operated by the local independent Selly Oak Pictures Ltd.

The Royalty Cinema was taken over by the Associated British Cinemas(ABC) chain in March 1935. ABC closed the cinema on 2nd November 1963 with Cliff Robertson in "P.T.109". It was converted into a Mecca Bingo Club, and in 2010 it is operating as a Gala Bingo Club.

In the summer of 2011, the Royalty Cinema was designated a Grade II Listed building by English Heritage.
n 2012 police raided the cinema and discovered that the attic was being used as a cannabis factory. 40 plants were found, together with 10-15 kilos of dried cannabis leaves.

the royalty has been empty since the raid.

picture time











thanks for looking, have fun and stay safe kids.


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Short & sweet eh mate :thumb

And still wearing them bloody noisey boots i see lol

Yeah it"s a pig with the light through those side windows :( Not much seems to have changed since last year when i went except people slip the Car Wash man a few £ to get in it seems ;)


Conrod the Barbarian
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Yeah I pretty much live in those noisy boots acid! Need some Summer exploring boots I think, maybe with less fur! Thanks for the good vibes people

Uncle smurf

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Cool driven past this place a few times would lov to give it a go any would lov to go with some one who has been before
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This place looks fab! Great pics :thumb! Impressed there's an intact stained glass window and the organ's still there! (Both would probably be long gone if in my neck of the woods... )