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Report - Royd Mill Chadderton 2013


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Royd Mill Chadderton..Engine house.
Another fantastic example of some of the beautiful mills left in the area, but not for long it seems. I've had my eye on this place for quite some time and finally got to crack the engine back in Feb but was waiting to try and do the main part of the mill as part of the basement was occupied by wholesales...not to be put off i tried a few time to get into the main part on one attempt myself and camerashy made our way towards the mills just as dawn was breaking paying no attention to the large van parked in front. it was only when we got close enough that the main head lights came on and a rather large man jumped out shouting do not run and came over to us holding a large metal bar. running was going to be a bad idea, what the hell are you doing... taking photo's mate, after showing him the camera's etc he was ok and it seemed that he's had some breakins and was in waiting for their return, we were lucky he said as he has already give someone a slap about....to close. now it seems that they have gone and the mill is up for demo so best be quick to see this one. This has to be one of the best tiled engine house's that i have seen it's going be such a shame to see it go. i was luckily enough to find some old letters and prints in one of the offices, not original blue prints more modern 1950's plans, non the less and nice find but covered in pigeon crap...

The mill itself was built in 1907 and extended in 1912 and 1924. taken over in 1930's by the Lancashire Cotton Corporation. the mill finally stopped in 1981, then became occupied by textile factors and storage etc....designed by Architect A.J Howcroft, spindleage (1915) was 80,000.

If your in the area please make the effort before another one bite's the dust.
















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im just on a bit of a mill mission atm. Mainly kicking myself at all the ones i should have paid more attention to years ago. @host you do need to do some more recent reports though you lazy barrrrsteward.

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