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Report - Sanatorio G, Italy - March 2019


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The Italians don't mess around when it comes to architecture and this old sanatorium is no exception. Built in 1924 in an art deco style, it began life as a tuberculosis hospital before being converted into a generic hospital in the 1950s. In 2015 it closed down to make way for a new hospital. Most of it has been completely emptied now but the admin building and chapel are stunning regardless. The vast network of tunnels are pretty epic as well with workshops, locker rooms and some odd looking stretchers amongst other things down there. They connect every single building in the complex so you can access certain buildings that are sealed from outside. It's a big old place with a lot to see. I've been twice and still not seen it all.



Admin Block

The Chapel

Thanks for looking

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Nice one mate, we were here a few weeks back too, it's a big ol place isn't it. Didn't see the theatre you shot but spent a good couple of hrs there. The Chapel is a beaut
It's in one of the outbuildings mate. Blink and you'd miss it