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Report - Scarborough Kinderland- October 2007

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Scarborough Kinderland was a children's amusement park which was closed late september to allow redevlopment as part of the Sands project which also includes attractions already lost, Atlantis and the Corner Cafe. Kinderland was little more than a large adventure playground but was also home to a rare water chute ride and several indoor play facilities and amenities, such as first aid and cafe.
What makes the loss of Kinderland sad is it was an 'old school' type adventure playground (anyone remember the original 'fort william' at lightwater valley) and not one of the modern ultra safe, but no fun, things that are springing up everywhere.

Therefore, on this warm, bright Autumn day it seemed quite sad to be walking around this place. I came across the new owner on my way out.

Main entrance


Admission kiosk


Something about this slide seemed particularly destructive, with the buildings in the background having boarded windows.


Equipment being cut up for fence posts or firewood.


Slide with section missing


Facilities have been provided elsewhere for the Great Crested Newts that bred in this pond


'Very special pond'




Clocktower- Kinderland size





Way out


I have a few more pictures to upload showing the interior of some of the buildings.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Seems like an interesting place, where did the fire break out anyway? I remember hearing about it somewhere else years ago and never payed much attention.

I don't think Kinderland ever caught fire (I could well be incorrect though), but the windows were boarded over for Winter to reduce vandalism. Marvel's amusement park on top of the hill suffered some arson after it closed though, as did Atlantis.

It seems likely the Kinderland site will become holiday homes for miners, which for a change of use I suppose is a reasonable suggestion. The rest of the proposed development looks a bit tacky to me. Replace Atlantis with an indoor water park as seen in most major cities...replace the corner cafe with buy to let appartments... the open air theatre looking well past it...suppose it is just me getting old.

The water chute is a little exposed because people wander around the lake and use the miniature railway that runs near it. In fact, two kids starting trying to open the gate with the intention of paying for a ride.

Regarding lightwater, coming from Sheffield we once ended up here for a school trip which caused a bit of moaning beacuse we all wanted Alton Towers. But Fort William was great, especially the scramble net... the park had no proper rides in those days. Just stuff like BMX, skateboards, all terrain vehicle. It isnt that much better now and I am surprised it keeps going with the current trend of closing parks.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Was Mr Marvels at the top of the hill? The one with the indoor play area in the massive dome? Along with rubbsh dinosaur models?

I never saw the dome, but marvels has stood derelict for a good few years now and a lot of the buildings were pulled down due to arson attacks and other vandalism. The dinosaurs were there until a couple of years ago tho.