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Report - Scavenger (CSO) - March 2012.


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Scavenger CSO


The weather was reasonable and I have this ever growing list of stuff to checkout that I spent an age researching whilst laid up last year

Today was quite productive, after 11 hours of draining/recces I generated quite a few new leads, as well as covering some new stuff ;)

This CSO has had an upgrade in the past few years, it turned out to be pretty rubbish really, considering the effort it took to see it!

So after finding somewhere sensible to park I headed into the river, supposedly it's a drought, besides it hasn't rained for days so I thought wellies would suffice..


After rolling down the steep river bank (literally) and entering the river it wasn't long before it was thigh deep and the wellies were no match :D

I wasn't even sure if there was going to be an overflow for this system, just had a hunch there would be something in the proximity of the lids I discovered upstream

After a complete soaking whist sploshing about in rivers, I got a whiff of something quite distinct.. it wasn't the usual fresh more like something I had previously experienced in Chemical Valley over in Bolton a few years back?

I managed to locate the overflow, more by scent rather than site, (it was quite well concealed within the riverbank)

My oh my this thing stunk, a strong smell of petroleum/chemicals breathed over the river as I clambered into some RCP @ barely 3ft

On closer inspection it looked as though it hadn't discharged it's load in a while, but my eyes were immediatley stinging, and the smell was insane :crazy

How do I a 3ft RCP...



After a short st00p I was greeted with this small brick/concrete inspection chamber

(The vapours in here were overwhelming)


A 90° degree turn led me up another back breaking RCP,
a short distance in the direction of the CSO Chamber


Here a recently upgraded CSO with powered screen chamber

(I wasn't feeling it, and hanging about wasn't in my best interests, so this quick pic and I was out)




Watch this space for more DRAINS :thumb


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