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Report - Seaview Asylum Dec, 2017


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Seaview Asylum was a psychiatric hospital in Hokitika,
Once the town's biggest employer.
Founded in 1872
In 1955 Seaview peaked with 549 patients.
Three units closed in 1990
The nursing school in 1992.
By 1996 there were 100 paitents and when the place closed in 2009, it was down to 22
My Brother (RIP) stayed here so I had an interest to go and have a look around.

The major buildings included dormitories, single rooms, dining rooms, and a padded cell.
Hokitika Jail containing 30 cells was also located at Seaview.
Seaview Lighthouse a registered Historic Place erected in 1879, was later used as an observation tower by the hospital.