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Report - Secret doctor's shack haikyo in Japan


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Greetings all. First report I'd like to share is an older explore of mine deep in the Japanese countryside. Please let me know if I'm stepping out of line in any way with the report process. Cheers.

The Doctor's Shack (as I've so nicknamed it) is an old medical clinic pre-dating WW2 and located in central Japan. It's filled with old bottles containing toxic medicines and old instruments, books and furniture. Quite rightly, the location is closely guarded among Japanese explorers, but despite the secrecy, in recent times the number of bottles has slowly been decreasing, and the shack is gradually succumbing to natural degradation. I wonder how many more winters it will survive...

A few shots:


The entrance.


Old medicines.


The store.


Blood samples. Quite glad I avoided pricking my fingers on the glass here!


Blood doll (so named because of the amount of blood I lost to mosquitoes while photographing it!)

Full story can be read here if you feel so inclined: Secret Doctor's Shack Haikyo.
And my second visit: Return the Doctor's Shack.
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