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Report - Severalls January 2012

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Ok, so i'm sure i don't need to do the history here. If you don't know it you have that thing where you can't remember stuff,..... Whats it called that thing....?

I go out on my forth visit since December this time to get into the main site. I go back to where i know and see two lads pointing and looking into the site expecting to see them hop over the fence, they look back see me and walk off. So i hop over the fence and make my way in. A minute or two later said lads appear and ask if i'm going in. After a chat i decide they're harmless so don't worry about them tagging along with me. Then one lad say's he's got wire cutters if i need them! So a quick lesson in get rid or you can end up in a police cell convinces him to lose them.

We have a walk around and end up going toward the woods where we bump into a group of 3 looking for a way in. So join forces and make our way to the chapel. Scouted around and the palisade fence looks impossible. Then out of the trees another group appear! That makes about 11 explorers, i didn't count though. So going back to my original entry point we stumble into a family picnic! That was surreal. :eek: Then secca arrive everyone scatters. We regroup on the footpath and watch secca drive round and walk about.

By now it's 3pm, walk down to the Villa's i hop the fence and in followed by the 2 local lads. We find a doable part of the palisade and i'm in. The local lad did not look like he was ever gonna get over so i bid farewell and went in alone, just as i had started my afternoon.

First thing, I was amazed by how big the wards were.


Going through I found some of the murals.





Though the kitchen.

Along some corridors.



Nearly walked past this, the colour of the walls drew my eye. When i went in i found this.

Saw the evidence of one of the arson attacks.

I did ring but nobody came.

On my way out i found i had to make the decision left or right? I did get lost.

Kept getting the occasional view of the water tower.

Shall i weigh myself....Nah.

I'll get stoned.:D

It a fun and surreal at times! :D

Thanks for looking.


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